Fast food warnings from WedMD

WedMD recently sent out a newsletter devoted to eating away from home. Regular readers know I write extensively about the dilemma of trying to find anything that isn’t loaded with fat, salt and sugar on restaurant and fast-food menus. check my eating out page for some tips on how to survive eating away from home.

The Quizno's meatball sub, a salt bomb if ever there was one.
The Quizno’s meatball sub, a salt bomb if ever there was one.

So I was glad to see WebMD weigh in on the topic. My favorite item in the newsletter was this one on the worst sandwiches to get away from home.


The Quiznos meatball sub is a former favorite of mine, a favorite from before my angioplasty that is. Seeing it on the worst list was no surprise. It packs 3,580 mgs of salt, basically two days worth on my current diet.

Salt is everywhere in sandwiches, as shown by the fact that the relatively healthy alternatives WebMD proposes for each of its worst sandwiches is also loaded with salt. Here’s one example, the alternative suggested at Quizno’s is the turkey lite, but it has 1,270 mgs of sodium, almost a day’s worth. How practical is that? It’s also a small sandwich compared with the large meatball, so it’s not likely to fill me up.

Any menu item with processed meats in it will be high in salt, avoid them. I’ll have more from this WebMD newsletter in future posts, come back to read them.



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