Low-salt, Low-fat recipes for Super Bowl

The Big Game is almost upon us, that day when everyone else is eating fried, greasy, salty, fatty snacks. But if you’re on a ¬†low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar diet as I am, my first suggestion would be you host the party so you can control the menu. If that’s not possible, bring your own food along. … Continue reading “Low-salt, Low-fat recipes for Super Bowl”

Super Bowl Party dishes — try fat-free twice-baked potatoes

Once mixed, spoon back into your potato skins and cook under a broiler until the tops get brown peaks. Add chives or parsley to them as well if you like and serve. If you can handle the added salt, you also can add some fat-free mozzarella to get some cheese on them.

Super Bowl Treats — Puff pastry shells with salasa, mushroom, tomato combo

My wife took 15 cups and filled them with fat-free, sugar-free chocolate pudding she made for our dessert, topping them with tiny pieces of cut-up fruit. That’s another great party option for your Super Bowl guests.

Big Game low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar menu options

Holidays and special events like the upcoming Super Bowl LII (or the big game as most marketers’ now call it because they can’t use the term Super Bowl) often are the most difficult times to stay on your preferred eating plan, be it low-salt, low-fat and/or low-sugar. I’ve written a lot about this over the … Continue reading “Big Game low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar menu options”