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Recipe: Low-salt, low-fat baked mostaccioli

And now enjoy. I consider this four servings. Continue reading

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Low-salt, low-fat baked mostaccioli: gotta love it

I consider this dish a splurge but enjoy it immensely as a special occasion treat or a pick-me-up when I’m feeling tired or sick. Continue reading

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Bragg marinade: a dream product — no salt, no fat, low sugar

It’s not cheap ($5.79 a bottle online) and I’ve never seen it on sale, but it’s worth the price, I think. Continue reading

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Clean up your cooking – try less salt

I’ve come across another possible source of no salt marinades and rubs, I’ve contacted him to see if these products are available in the States. I’ll keep you posted. John

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Eating out and salt: always, always say ‘no added salt’

I’m not faulting the restaurant, food there was quite good. I’m saying always say “no added salt,” when you order out. Cooks add it to everything, thinking it enhances flavor. But if you’re off it, it will do just the opposite. Continue reading

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Ever try an elk burger? Is elk lean?

I’m not sure if my Game Burger had less fat than a regular beef burger would, but I am sure I enjoyed it. I can only hope it was lower in fat. Continue reading

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