Eating Away from Home

Finding low and no salt, low and no fat and low and no sugar dishes at restaurants is extremely difficult. This page is designed to help with some do’s and don’ts gleaned from our personal experiences. Revies are segmented by cities so you can quickly scan for a city you may live in or plan to visit. We welcome your input here as well.

A recent steakhouse order for me, no sauces, no butter and no sour cream but a great little filet mignon, a lean cut of meat.
A recent steakhouse order for me, no sauces, no butter and no sour cream but a great little filet mignon, a lean cut of meat.




Pearl Tavern — A Chicago seafood must try place
Embeya for restaurant week? yes, yes, yes
Healthy eating at Taste of Chicago? Think again
Millennium Park salad bars: some healthy options outside the park
Shaw’s: a Chicago seafood classic
Ciao: a south suburban Chicago old-school Italian place
Embeya: a wonderful pan-Asian surprise
Can You Eat Healthy at a Bowling Alley?
Bread on a restricted diet, finding one you like and can eat
Sepia Chicago: a good choice if you’re on a restricted diet
Morton’s gave me an anniversary gift — mini fillet mignon treats

Denver & Ft. Collins, Colo.
‘Fresh’ Mexican food doesn’t mean low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar
Maddie’s for breakfast — a modern-day Denver gold strike

Zebb’s in Milwaukee: where we found a great veggie omelette
Finding low-sodium, low-fat food at Mall of America
The pub food challenge: welcome to the Valley Lodge Tavern

Evanston, Il. & Northern Suburbs of Chicago
Prairie Moon: a long-time favorite comes through with a low-salt tasty treat
Boltwood: a new restaurant with some interesting offeringsGlenview House: a long-time favorite offers a low-salt treat
Dengeo’s: a Chicago north suburban favorite
Clarke’s in Evanston offers a great egg white, veggie omelet
Quince in Evanston — a worthy successor to a venerable predecessor

Minneapolis/St. Paul
Ever try an elk burger? Is elk lean?

New York City
Broadway and Nathan’s hot dogs, the perfect match
Da Nonna Rosa — a Brooklyn gem in my childhood neighborhood
Junior’s in Brooklyn — coming home, eating amazing cheesecake
Morimoto’s in New York — an exquisite dining experience, especially for my birthday
Snack EOS, a tasty neighborhood spot in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen

Portland, OR.
Levant: a Portland (OR) find on our recent vacation

Chinook’s: a tucked-away
Seattle gem

The Crab Pot, a Seattle Pike Place Market fun standby
Safeco Field offers salmon salad…gotta love it
Ray’s Boathouse: a Seattle gem

National outlets/fast food/fast casual dining
Naf Naf Grill: finally some fast food that isn’t loaded with salt, fatPanera dropping ingredients; how about cutting the salt?
McDonald’s chicken recipe is getting simplified; Bravo!Applebee’s Have it All menu has all the salt; boo, hiss!
Healthy movie snacks? Bring your own, here are some options
Who sells America’s saltiest fast foods?
How much fat and salt is in McDonald’s new sirloin burger?
Costco Food Court Salads: you can make them healthier
Seasons 52 offers a low sodium menu…bravo!
Houlihan’s: how I found a healthy option at this old standby
Ted’s Montana Grill: Order the bison fillet
Yard House: can a chain restaurant serve healthy food?
Eating out and salt: always, always say ‘no added salt’
How much fat is in Burger King’s new Satisfries?
Partying on a restricted diet — it’s tough to be the guest
Eating Out: try a salad buffet
Wedding food — what can you eat?
Breakfast Fruit: a great road alternative

Can You Eat At Restaurants When on a Restricted Diet?
Can you eat healthy at Disney World?
Can you eat healthy at Universal Studios? Not even Harry Potter could help
Can you enjoy vacationing on a restricted diet?
Can you stay on a restricted diet in the land of pasta and seafood?
Fourth of July: why I went hungry while the country celebrated
Healthy Tips When Eating Out
How Much Salt is in a McDonald’s Premium McWrap?
Vacations and restrictive diets: you will go off your diet while on the road
What happens when you go off your restricted diet?
What happens when you have an unexpected meal?
What’s an airline no-salt/low-salt meal like?
Where Can You Find Food to Eat At Restaurants?
Why aren’t grilled vegetable plates common in America?
Why is Lunch My Toughest Meal of the Day?
Worst Flight Ever – Do Not Fly Air France, Delta
Ever try an elk burger? Is elk lean?

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