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New guidelines for safer fish consumption, will these be the last?

The Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency recently put out new guidelines regarding fish consumption that includes this handy infographic showing which fish have less mercury (that’s the interpretation of healthy, or best choices, here). The chart is … Continue reading

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Costco offers diabetes, heart-healthy shopping guide

Regular readers know I’m a big Costco shopper and usually deconstruct a Costco food court salad once a week for a lunch there after my shopping trip. You can find healthy items there, but like everywhere else, you need to … Continue reading

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Let’s talk heart attacks for a minute…just a minute

The WebMD list has 16 triggers, as if the AARP list isn’t worrisome enough, that starts with lack of sleep and moves on to migraines (also on the AARP list), cold weather, air pollution and strong emotions! Continue reading

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Ready for some 2017 food advice? Here’s what Cooking Light says

If you’re after no salt, no sugar recipes, check my recipe page first, I tried all those and in many cases modified other people’s recipes to take out the salt, fat and sugar. I’ll be adding more recipes there shortly, so check back daily. Continue reading

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Happy 2017! Here are food trend predictions for the year

Happy 2017 low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar eating everyone, I’ll be writing about more predictions in coming days, so check back. Continue reading

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