Low salt, low fat, low sugar recipe sites

While we give you recipes we’ve tried with less salt, less fat and less sugar, the Web also has a wide range of other sites you can check out for more. Many include recipes for things I would never try, but if your tastes are more eclectic, you’ll enjoy them. Let me know which you try and enjoy.

Recipes are listed under search terms used to find them, so you may see some sites on here more than once but you’ll find different recipes highlighted on the various pages. Enjoy!

Low fat low sugar recipes



Pinterest low-sugar, low-fat recipes

MyRecipes.com diabetic recipes


Low salt low fat recipes

Family Circle low-salt, low-calorie recipe

Sparkspeople.com low fat, low sodium



Pinterest low fat, low sodium meals

Cooks.com low sodium low fat recipes

Low salt low fat low sugar recipe sites

Diabeticliving.com diabetic, low sodium recipes


Pinterest sugar free, salt free far free recipes

Recipe.com heart-healthy recipes

YouTube video for book on no salt, no sugar, no fat cooking

Low salt recipes


Mayoclinic.com low sodium recipes


Food Network low sodium cooking



Sparkspeople.com low salt recipes


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