Low-sodium Thanskgiving hacks from across the Web

Finding low-sodium options for Thanksgiving has been a passion of mine since my angioplasty in 2012. I’ve written about being sure to buy a low-sodium turkey, making low-sodium stuffing and low-sodium sides.

Time to eat all those turkeys! Happy Thanksgiving!
Time to eat all those turkeys! Buy a fresh one to cut salt that comes in self-basting, frozen ones. Happy Thanksgiving!

But the online world is amazing for the amount of information out there. I did a search for low-sodium thanksgiving turkey, for example, and found some other greats sites worth checking out as you plan your Thanksgiving.

Hackingsalt.com has what it terms a complete guide to a low-sodium Thanksgiving that includes a low-sodium apricot mustard glazed turkey and many sides.

Sodiumgirl.com, a site I love, has a guide to low-sodium turkey that includes the tip I’ve used of injecting salt-free broth into a turkey to juice it up.

And the dailydishus.com has 50 low-sodium Thanksgiving dishes to pick from.

So don’t despair about enjoying your Thanksgiving meal, you can get the salt out.

Low-sodium Thanksgiving green beans — pick and choose here

A low-sodium Thanksgiving menu is possible and tasty, just look at the post I did outlining what you can make.

Green beans with balsamic vinegar and olive oil
Green beans with balsamic vinegar and olive oil

One of my ides is usually green beans. I included a low-sodium green-bean recipe in my menu. Bon Appetit recently sent me a piece entitled 19 Recipes to Make Green Beans Actually Exciting for Thanksgiving. Continue reading “Low-sodium Thanksgiving green beans — pick and choose here”

Here’s your low-sodium Thanksgiving menu!!!

Editor’s Note: This was written well before the Pandemic had an impact on U.S. food supplies. To read the latest for Thanksgiving 2021, click here. To read which items have disappeared froms tore shelves during the Pandemic, click here.

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on me this year as I’m just finishing up another long-term project. So I started my Thanksgiving menu food shopping yesterday. My first item, a low-salt fresh turkey at Costco.

You can read my past writing on low sodium Thanksgiving turkey, never buy a self-basting turkey, those are loaded with salt!!! Read the label before buying any turkey. Many, many have salt added. A regular turkey will have only about 70 mgs of sodium a serving, not hundreds.

You don’t have t spend a ton for a low-sodium turkey either. As I said, I bought

Always check the salt content of any turkey you want to buy. Many, including pre-packed turkey breasts, are loaded with salt.
Always check the salt content of any turkey you want to buy. Many, including pre-packed turkey breasts, are loaded with salt.

mine at Costco for 99 cents a pound. True some stores have other turkeys cheaper, but 99 cents a pound isn’t bad to get the salt out. Continue reading “Here’s your low-sodium Thanksgiving menu!!!”

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