Here’s how to find low and no salt, low and no fat and low and no sugar ingredients for cooking and treats for you.

Preparing salmon with Mrs. Dash no-salt marinades. Regular stores don't carry these marinades, order them online at
Preparing salmon with Mrs. Dash no-salt marinades. Regular stores don’t carry these marinades, order them online at




New additions — May 2015

Powdered drink mixes: always read their labels too
Kale recipes for everyone, or at least where to find a lot
Sugar-free candy: it’s not worth the pain
Salt-free, fat-free potato chips: why not make your own
Low-sodium broth: skip it for sodium free
Soup that’s low-salt: this brand didn’t really make the grade
Low-fat cookies: here’s one to try, from Hannahmax Baking
Fat free chocolate pudding or sugar free: which should you pick?
Roasted vegetables can be fun as side dish or meal
Stefan’s fennel side-dish, Italian style
Panko breadcrumbs at Costco: a great deal
Salt-free potato chips for Super Bowl Sunday
Blackberry: expect to be seeing the flavor more places in 2014
Thanksgiving Menu: Adding cheese to your salad
Thanksgiving Menu: Can you make a low-sodium bread stuffing?
Thanksgiving menu: how about some chestnuts
Thanksgiving menu: try low-sodium olives to cut salt
Thanksgiving Turkey: Beware the hidden salt of self-basting turkeys

New additions — October 2013
Bragg marinade: a dream product — no salt, no fat, low sugar
Salt-free marinades – in the Chicago area, try Sunset Foods
Costco Shopping — can you find no salt, no fat items at a warehouse?
Salt free marinades — they do exist, search online

10 Tips to Cut Salt
Can You Find Pre-made Low-Salt Tomato Sauce?
Challenges: those extra little devils!
Do All Whole-Wheat Pastas Taste Like Paste? No, Try Barilla Plus
Eat nuts and you’ll be fine — baloney!!!
Food labels– read them and know what they mean
How do you create a new food life after cardio problems?
How Lean Can Lean Beef Be?
How Much Salt Could be in Breadcrumbs? Too Much if You’re Not Careful
Is All Ground Turkey Lean? Think Again
Movie popcorn: can you ever eat it again?
Olive oil and restricted diets: which type is best for you?
To Beet or Not to Beet – There is No Question
What Can You Eat on a No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat Diet?
Where can I find low-salt, no-salt food?
Why should you use oil and vinegar?

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  1. I truly thank you for your blog, my husband is a dietetic with high blood pressure, i am in a continuous search for low carb, no fat, no salt, no sugar recipes and products. Your site has given me so many great ideas Mrs. Dash sauces and packets, low salt olives to just mention a few. now with the addition of farmer boy salad dressing gerry is once again enjoying salads. Thank you for taking the time to walk all of us through your journey.

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