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A vegetarian hot dog that actually sounds tasty

When I first saw the article, “This Hot-Dog Alternative Is So Simple, You’re Going to Wonder Why You Didn’t Think of It Yourself,” I assumed it would be something I wouldn’t want to eat. Wrong. Continue reading

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Local citrus in mid-America? Build your own greenhouse

For more news from the urban agriculture front, check out my son’s blog, From the Ground Up North, which is getting a lot of positive notice in the Twin Cities area. Continue reading

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General Mills joins Campbells, will label GMO ingredients

Personally I do not worry a great deal about GMOs, but I know many, many people do and so I support efforts to get GMOs disclosed on labels. Continue reading

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Pasta portions — the companies that sell it and Strega Nona disagree

Strega Nona had a magic pasta pot that could make as much pasta as she directed it, what Italian boy wouldn’t want one of those? Continue reading

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Here’s why I should only cook, never bake

I miss my snack cakes (I’m talking to you HoHos, Ring Dings, Yodels and Ding Dongs) so much on my low-fat diet. But this recipe is not going to replace them. Continue reading

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Eating at Asian restaurants with their high-salt options — here’s some alternatives

I think for me, Asian food will continue to mean items I cook at home myself. Continue reading

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You want local food, how about bio-region food?

The question of feeding the millions and billions of people with local production has always seemed an impossible, if laudable, task to me, but I know there are some who look to non-traditional means of local production as an answer. It’s definitely worth it to continue asking this important question. Continue reading

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Fast food breakfast choices — the salt flows like water

Why not just start ripping open salt packets and emptying them into your mouth, it would be a lot cheaper. Continue reading

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A quinoa burger I would like? The jury’s still out on this one

I was a bit skeptical about this recipe I saw in Bon Appetit that was headlined Make a Quinoa Burger You Actually Want when it landed in my e-mail inbox one day. Continue reading

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A flavorful take on cod, but is it low-sodium?

I would have preferred less salt but I think the only way to get artichokes with less salt is to make your own and strip out the hearts. Continue reading

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