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Evanston’s Celtic Knot surprised me with a nice salmon salad

The lunch turned out much healthier than I had feared it might be, so kudos for the choice Celtic Knot. Continue reading

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Another knock on processed meats, this one from WHO

Processed meats, such as hot dogs and cold cuts, are full of sodium and other things that have led me and many others to avoid them in recent years. I’m always amused by Subway calling its sandwiches healthy when they’re … Continue reading

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Primo in Gurnee (IL.) — a primo lunch spot

The combination of fingerling potatoes pieces and pieces of octopus, taken in the same bite, was just wonderful Continue reading

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Rice bread — a nice low-salt alternative if you’re craving toast

This bread is a good example of how completely my life has changed since my angioplasty in 2012. I used to go on trips and bring home chocolates and snack cakes in my suitcase. This time, I had a loaf of rice bread. Continue reading

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Urban Agriculture examples from the Twin Cities

I mentioned  my son’s commitment to the farm-to-table, local food movement in another post. He and I toured several urban agriculture sites during my recent trip to the Twin Cities. I found them fascinating and am waiting to see just how widespread this movement … Continue reading

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Minneapolis’ Co-op Creamery Neighborhood Cafe

I also ordered wild rice toast, hoping it would be healthier than regular toast. I liked the taste so much, I later bought a loaf of rice bread at the co-op. Continue reading

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Shrimp for everyone — if you like spicy, saucy dishes

The first few have either too much spice or too much sauce or other item, like butter on a roll, that I can no longer eat. Continue reading

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A festival of fennel recipes from Bon Appetit

Lamb aside, hats off to Bon Appetit for this roundup. Continue reading

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Healthy snack ideas from Meijer’s

Many of the 15 snacks on the list appeal to me, surprising given what a picky eater I tend to be when it comes to anything called healthy. Continue reading

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Major chicken recall underway — check your chicken

A major recall of chicken is underway, if you bought chicken recently at Costco or a host of other stores, check it immediately. Continue reading

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