Major chicken recall underway — check your chicken

A major recall of chicken is underway, if you bought chicken recently at Costco or a host of other stores, check it immediately.

A major recall of chicken is underway, if you bought chicken recently at a host of retailers, check it immediately.

Grilling chicken breasts on my new grill pan.
Check your chicken, there’s a major recall underway.

The brands involved include:
– Acclaim
– Antioch Farms
– Buckley Farms
– Centrella Signature
– Chestnut Farms
– Family Favorites
– Home Dining Selections
– Kirkwood
– Koch Foods
– Market Day
– Oven Cravers
– Rose
– Rosebud Farm
– Roundy’s
– Safeway Kitchens
– Schwan’s
– Shaner’s
– Spartan
– Sysco

The recall of 561,000 pounds of chicken from Chicago-based Aspen Foods is an expansion of an earlier Aspen recall of 2 million pounds of chicken in September.

“The recall has been expanded to include products that were produced between August 25, 2015 and Sept. 17, 2015, with “best if used by” dates of August 23, 2016 to Dec. 15, 2016,” reported ABC News in Chicago.

The issue is possible salmonella contamination. It’s also a reminder that while nutritionists push chicken over beef, chicken, at least in the way its mass-produced in this country, presents its own health risks, one more reason we’re all so afraid of food these days.

Complete recall details are on the U.S. Department of Agriculture website.



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