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Watermelon and berries pizza, a fun dessert

A summer party seems like a perfect time for this, but it worked out okay in late winter too because I as able to find some nice fresh fruit. Continue reading

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Applebee’s Have it All menu has all the salt; boo, hiss!

So Applebee’s is off my eating out list. Putting out lower-calorie dishes is fine, but get that salt out please Applebee’s if you want to see me again. Continue reading

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Here’s a resource to help you reduce sodium intake

Smart eating advice from the CDC: Beware of hidden sources of sodium such as sauces and dressings, and ask for these toppings on the side. Continue reading

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America’s big food companies are hearing us, a little bit

But there is an entire generation coming of age now that doesn’t want processed foods, period. It’s a back to basics movement both my adult children seem to have embraced, and I applaud them for it. Continue reading

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Turkey meatballs, a great side for Italian dishes

I normally get 17 turkey meatballs from a pound, so each is a bit less than one ounce, or one gram of fat. The breadcrumbs are low-salt, the cheese has salt, so be prudent in how much you add. Continue reading

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A belated Pi Day treat

It is literally a fruit pie, watermelon is the base, covered with a variety of other fruits. Continue reading

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Matzo pizza — bringing two cultures together to get the salt out

One large round matzo, the type the Costco package contains, has only 5 mgs of salt! It also has no fat and no sugar, making it a perfect base for a salt-free tomato sauce, no-fat cheese and all the veggies you like. Continue reading

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Getting the fat out, a handy guide

It details a lot of fairly easy switches to make, like sorbets and fat-free frozen yogurt for ice cream (keep watching the sugar content though), pasta with vegetables for pasta with cheese sauce, and extra-lean ground beef and ground turkey for regular 85% lean ground beef. Continue reading

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A refreshing fruit and yogurt dessert

It uses strawberries, pineapples, orange slices and blackberries on skewers and calls for creating a yogurt dip from fat-free yogurt, crushed strawberries, vanilla and honey. Continue reading

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Creating a low-salt, low-fat taco dinner

I’ve been on a quest recently to create low-salt, low-fat tacos, finding a variety of ingredients to do it ranging from Mrs Dash’s salt-free taco seasoning to low-salt tortillas at Whole Foods. Now it’s time to make my taco dinner. … Continue reading

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