Finding low-salt tortillas to create low-salt tacos

Taco shells, especially the crispy kind, can be loaded with fat and salt. Old El Paso shells, as an example, have 7 grams of fat per three shells and 135 mgs of sodium. Double that for a typical full-sized serving and you see the fat and salt add up.

365 organic tortillas
365 organic tortillas

365 organic tortillas nutrition information
365 organic tortillas nutrition information

After finding Mrs. Dash made a salt-free taco seasoning, I’ve been on a quest to create a low-salt, low-fat taco. I’ve found low-salt salsa and hit upon using 96% lean ground beef to cut the fat. But I needed something low-salt and low-fat to wrap them in. I could have used Romaine lettuce leaves but I wanted something a bit more substantial, so I searched the aisles at several food stores before finding organic corn Tortillas at Whole Foods.

This handy offering (in the refrigerated case) has only 15 mgs of sodium in three tortillas and only 2 grams of fat. So six of these have only 30 mgs of sodium and 4 grams of fat.

If you’re avoiding corn in your diet, these are not for you. Total carb count is 28 grams of carbs in three shells here, or 56 grams if you eat six as I did. If corn isn’t an issue though, give them a try.

Finding a low-salt salsa — Hola, they are out there

Salt, and too much salt, has found its way into almost everything we eat today, even places you wouldn’t expect it. Salsa, that catchall term for generally peppery Mexican sauce, can have tons of salt, for example.

One brand you can buy at Costco, for example, has 100 mgs of salt in every two tablespoons. Think about how much salsa you can down with chips, which are also high in salt, and you see the salt building up in your system.

Places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods do have lower-salt salsa, though. I’ve found one brand, Green Mountain Gringo, which has 75 mgs of sodium in every two tablespoons. Another, Trader Joe’s Fire Roasted Tomato Salsa, has only 30 mgs in two tablespoons, however. It also says no salt added on its label.

Desert Pepper low-sodium salsa
Desert Pepper low-sodium salsa
Desert Pepper salsa nutrition information
Desert Pepper salsa nutrition information

My latest find is the Desert Pepper brand’s peach mango salsa with only 25 mgs of salt per two tablespoons. The peach and mango combination give it a nice flavor as well, slightly different from your run-of-the-mill salsa. At $4.99 a jar at Whole Foods, it is more expensive than salty salsa, but if you’re watching your salt, that’s the price you need to pay.

Salt-free taco seasoning from Mrs Dash, a start to your low-salt, low-fat tacos

Tacos were not on my food radar when I was an Italian-American kid growing up in Brooklyn. But I did start eating them after moving to the Midwest and became a fan before my angioplasty took Mexican dishes largely off my post-surgery eating menu.

I missed tacos, they remind me of fun meals I used to make with my kids, and so I was very excited to see that Mrs. Dash makes a salt-free taco seasoning mix.

Mrs. Dash Salt-free Taco Seasoning
Mrs. Dash Salt-free Taco Seasoning
Mrs. Dash Salt-free Taco Seasoning Nutrition information
Mrs. Dash Salt-free Taco Seasoning Nutrition information

You can see the nutrition information here, no salt, some sugar according to the ingredients list but not enough to put on the nutrition panel, and potassium chloride used instead of salt, or sodium chloride. If you have any potassium issues, you might want more information about how much is in this. But if not, this can be a first ingredient for some relatively low-salt, low-fat tacos. Continue reading “Salt-free taco seasoning from Mrs Dash, a start to your low-salt, low-fat tacos”

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