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Reduced sodium cold cuts: Avoid them too

Whether you call them cold cuts or luncheon meat, those things you buy in the deli case or from packages in grocery stores, or get in sandwich shops like Subway, all are loaded with sodium. Eating them is strictly a no-no on a low-sodium diet.
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Houlihan’s: how I found a healthy option at this old standby

Not only was I surprised by the pleasant new decor, I also was able to get a meal to my low-salt specifications with only some modifying of a menu item.
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Healthy Takeout Food: I’d think again

And a turkey burger, mentioned in the piece, can be just as fatty as a regular burger depending on whether dark meat turkey was used in it, which it is in most commercial pre-made turkey burgers. My nutritionists warned me off those. Continue reading

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Diet soda and eating more: more sad news

For me, the study just adds more ammunition to how dull my diet has to be to conform with all the concerns out there these days about food and beverages. Continue reading

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Nutrition labels could be changing

I, for one, would love some direction on sugar and more prominent salt content displays. I think the emphasis on calories alone misses the point of where the calories are coming from. Continue reading

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Mushroom, Chicken Linguini

Originally posted on Dinner of Herbs:
Sometimes I have no idea what I am doing while I am cooking. I knew we needed to use up the last few King Trumpet mushrooms in the fridge.  Other than that, I had…

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Low-fat cake with sugar-free frosting: a taste test

A box of mix sells for $4.38 on the Heart Healthy Market. Frosting also costs $4.38 a box, so a cake that makes four pieces will cost you $8.76 before shipping. Continue reading

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Simple salads of carrots, cabbage and celery root

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten celery root, but plan to try it after reading this. Continue reading

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Fat-free, sugar-free foods: checks the labels before buying

Unfortunately we have to be constantly reading labels and evaluating what we eat, nothing seems without perils at the moment. I only hope science progresses past this frightening time in our food lives and finds out it’s ok to eat fun foods again some time soon. Continue reading

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Veggies for me: a major change in my diet

Not only am I eating more vegetables, but they represent a larger portion of each meal for me. Continue reading

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