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Ingredient alert: Mrs Dash salt-free marinades now at Food 4 Less

I was recently pleasantly surprised to see them on the shelf at a Food 4 Less store where I live in Evanston, just north of Chicago. Food 4 Less is a discount chain owned by supermarket giant Kroger. Continue reading

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Sugar is demonized in latest dietary guidelines

All these new guidelines tell me is that we really know very, very little about how what we eat affects our health, and in my case, our heart health. I will continue to avoid foods high in salt, sugar and fat. Continue reading

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Oscar party menu that is low in sugar, fat and salt

Oscar night is a big event in my movie-oriented world and household. So I’m starting to plan my Oscar party menu with a wide array of low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar specialties from my recipe page. Continue reading

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Healthy movie snacks? Bring your own, here are some options

Popcorn, candy and other movie staples are out for me now. I splurge with a diet Coke when we go now, but have taken to bringing my own snacks instead. Continue reading

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Sugar-free syrups are not all the same, check the salt

Pure maple syrup, by the way, has only 5 mgs of sodium per quarter cup but it has 50 grams of sugar, so anyone who needs to be on a low-sugar diet should avoid that like the plague, sorry. Continue reading

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Clarke’s in Evanston offers a great egg white, veggie omelet

The Belmont location is pretty run down, likely from high use. The Evanston place was redecorated in the recent past, even to the point of having TVs in the booths in the back room, so I prefer eating there. Continue reading

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More places to find no salt, no fat, no sugar recipes

We can’t attest about whether the recipes on these other sites taste good or not. We’ve tried everything on our recipe page and endorse it. A lot of other sites have recipes I would never eat. But your tastes are likely to be different, so search around, and let what you find that you enjoy. Continue reading

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Low Salt Chicken Soup

Rather than a whole chicken, I’d use chicken breasts to cut the fat. Also, poultry seasoning likely has a lot of salt, so unless I knew it did not, I would leave it out. Always check the salt content of … Continue reading

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No fat no sugar no salt recipes — all new for you

The vast majority of visitors to our site come to view our recipes. So we’re making it easier for you to use. Recipes are now divided into main courses, side dishes and special occasion meals and dishes. Looking for a … Continue reading

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Low-fat, low-salt eggplant parmasan

My eggplant parmesan recipe calls for low-salt panko breadcrumbs to bread slices of eggplant which have been coated in an egg-white wash. Continue reading

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