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Life two years after angioplasty: thinner, hungier and hopefully healthier

But I have to keep reminding my self the days when I lived to eat are over, now I eat to live so I can finish projects and adventures I want to do, such as my recent play-writing and acting. Continue reading

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Low-salt, low-fat breakfast options when entertaining guests

Making dishes I can’t eat any longer because of my angioplasty, such as bacon and eggs or big stacks of regular pancakes or waffles, is a painful experience for me and one I would rather avoid. Continue reading

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A low-salt, low-fat lunch can get expensive, try $20+

Add it all up and I spent $22 trying to fill up. Did I? Continue reading

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How to make a low-fat, low-salt turkey meatloaf

A two-pound loaf cooks down a bit, but it makes at least two meals for my wife and I. If you can get by with a quarter-pound slice a meal, it will last you longer. Continue reading

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Tunisian peppers: if you like exotic, this could be a dish for you

I’d leave out the salt, of course, and am not sure how I’d react to all the other spices included here, but I’m open to trying it sometime. Continue reading

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Simple summer side dishes: tomatoes and beans from your garden

Simple and delicious, along with salt-free as these are, has been my flavor mantra since my angioplasty two years ago, both of these sides fit that mold perfectly. Continue reading

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Rosemary chicken: a nice way to add flavor to chicken breast

Simply cut the chicken into bite-sized cubes, marinate with olive oil, lemon juice and what spices you like. I added rosemary, thyme, oregano and pepper, leaving out the salt the original recipe calls for. Continue reading

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No sugar no salt fluffy perfect bread machine recipe (toddler friendly)

Originally posted on little green mum:
For weeks I had been trawling the internet for recipes with low or no salt/sugar bread recipes that produces lovely light fluffy bread. I happened across a very simple recipe after looking at a…

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Egg whites: all brands are not the same, read the labels

All egg white are not the same. A store brand I bought has lots of additional ingredients. Another brand I found lists only egg whites as the ingredient in the carton. Continue reading

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Spinach-Feta Spaghetti Bake

This looks like a great recipe. I’d suggest using fat-free feta to cut the fat down and low-salt tomato sauce to cut the salt. Spinach-Feta Spaghetti Bake. via Spinach-Feta Spaghetti Bake.

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