Chicken Parmesan: a low-fat, low-salt alternative recipe

Chicken Parmesan is a classic Italian-American dish, served in many an old-school Italian restaurants and once a favorite of mine. But the traditional way of preparing it, breading a chicken breast and smothering it with cheese, is out for me since my angioplasty and my new low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar diet.

So I’ve come up with my own modified version, which I alluded to in a recent post about Trader Joe’s no-salt added marinara sauce. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make this dish. Continue reading “Chicken Parmesan: a low-fat, low-salt alternative recipe”

Steamed vegetables: easy to do with a handy steamer

Steamed vegetables supposedly are healthier for us because important nutrients don’t have as much chance to leach out during steaming as they do during heavy boiling. I also find steaming a relatively quick and easy way to prepare the increased amount of veggies I’ve been eating since my angioplasty-induced low-fat, low-salt, low-sugar diet.

A steamer is a must-have kitchen appliance for doing veggies quick and easily. We have two, a smaller steamer for everyday meals and a larger one when we’re cooking ahead or preparing food for guests.

I bought this steamer at a church rummage sale and it works great. I use it almost nightly.
I bought this steamer at a church rummage sale and it works great. I use it almost nightly.

Steaming is simple as you can see in the photos I’ve posted here. The bottom of the steamer is filled with a small amount of water and a plastic plate goes over it. A see-through plastic basket is where you place the veggies. For broccoli, for example, cut off the stems and trim as you like. Put them in the basket, rinse them off a bit, and then cover and set the timer to whatever cooking time your particular steamer recommends. Continue reading “Steamed vegetables: easy to do with a handy steamer”

Trader Joe’s salt-free marinara sauce: worth a try

I wrote last year about finding a low-salt pre-made tomato sauce for the days when I don’t have any of my home-made version frozen and ready to use or don’t have the time to make some from scratch. I’ve bought Muir Glen and also found some house brand salt-free sauce at my local Jewel. Recently, though, I saw another choice at Trader Joe’s, its private label marinara sauce with no salt added.

Trader Joe's organic low-salt marinara sauce was a bit peppery for my taste but will do in a pinch.
Trader Joe’s organic low-salt marinara sauce was a bit peppery for my taste but will do in a pinch.

The taste was a bit peppery to me when I first tried it. Like many ingredient offerings that go low-salt, the makers here may have thought pepper was a good substitute. I generally just want to taste the tomatoes though. The pepper taste was still there after cooking. If you’re a pepper fan, you should enjoy it. For me it was just ok. Continue reading “Trader Joe’s salt-free marinara sauce: worth a try”

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