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Boltwood: a new restaurant with some interesting offerings

My top-line review is Boltwood is good, with touches of great but with some work to be done. I, as always, would like to see more low-salt and low-fat options, plus more creative flavoring in what is available in the low-salt, low-fat world. Continue reading

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Naf Naf Grill: finally some fast food that isn’t loaded with salt, fat

Including hummus and tahini sauce along with Jerusalem salad in the pita, the entire meal has only 10 grams of fat, 282 mgs of sodium and 2 grams of sugar. That is really amazing when you consider that a piece of traditional pita bread alone has about 300 mgs of sodium in it. Continue reading

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Tilapia, zucchini and corn, a wonderful summer meal

I whipped up a main course of tilapia loins, purchased frozen at Costco, done with salt-free spices from the Spice House, which has outlets here in Evanston, Il. and in Chicago. Continue reading

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King Prawn & Pineapple Stir Fry

Originally posted on Stacey in the kitchen:
Serves 1, multiply everything x1 to make more except the lime juice, multiply that by 1/2 Cooking time 30 minutes including prep INGREDIENTS 10 king prawns, shelled (if you’re lazy you can use…

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Salmon with Pastrami Rub

Originally posted on fitfinnrecipes:
Bold flavors are the thing in my house. I cook salmon as often as possible, therefore I am always trying new ideas for flavoring it. I came a cross a recipe for pastrami rub for a…

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High Protein, Low Carb & Low Fat Foods

Eating an effective amount of protein while staying within your allocated carbohydrates and fat for the day is extremely tricky. My best advice is to plan your meals around a high protein source and add carbs once your protein source…

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Swordfish: a great, meaty fish option

Swordfish has 11.7 grams of fat per eight ounces along with 260 mgs of sodium and 57.6 grams of protein. Continue reading

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Outer Spice: a tasty low-salt approach to spicing up your food

We definitely enjoyed them both and would recommend them. I’ll stick to salt-free varieties. The company’s website lists a no-salt original as well. Bottles sell on the site for $6.99. Continue reading

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What is the Total Truth about Carbs?

As I’ve written before, nutrition science is a moving target with constantly changing theories, but this is a good look at carb thinking at the moment.

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Healthy eating at Taste of Chicago? Think again

Humana’s list needs to be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak. True it lists main courses that are less than 500 calories and have less than 500 mgs of sodium. But who eats only one main dish at Taste? Continue reading

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