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Happy low-salt, low-fat Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Continue reading

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Low-sodium Thanksgiving stuffing: here’s how to make it

Any bread stuffing you come up with for Thanksgiving will be loaded with the salt that was in the bread. Which is why I was thrilled last year to find a sodium-free whole wheat bread at Trader Joe’s. Continue reading

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Low-Salt Thanskgiving side dishes

I’m planning to make broccoli in my large steamer, a must-have appliance for any kitchen trying to cook healthy. Also on the menu will be asparagus. Continue reading

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How to find a low-sodium Thanksgiving turkey

Come back all this week for more low-salt, low-fat Thanksgiving meal recipes. Thanksgiving is the hardest holiday not to go over your limits if you’re on a low-fat, low-sodium diet as I am, but I have tips that can minimize how much over you go. Continue reading

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Shaw’s: a Chicago seafood classic

For my main course, I had a wonderful rainbow trout with apples and some greens. It normally comes with bacon butter as well, I asked that be left out to avoid the salt and fat in that. The fish was wonderfully flavorful all on its own. Continue reading

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Drink plenty of water…oh wait, maybe not

It seems some drinking water has arsenic in it and arsenic can cause heart problems. Continue reading

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Flounder: an old favorite re-enters my daily eating habits

I can remember one September when we filled coolers of fish each weekend day, the fish were so plentiful that year. Ironically, I didn’t like flounder then but my recent re-acquaintance with it went much better. Continue reading

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