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My second heart walk – a very moving experience

Putting that hat on brought me to tears in 2014, the first year I participated, and it did so again this year. Continue reading

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A Chinese food recipe that actually works as low-sodium?

I would also eat two servings here, each serving being four ounces of beef. That doubles the fat content to 16 grams and the sodium to 488 mgs, still ok under my daily targets. Continue reading

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Let us discuss lettuce, is it all the same?

Lettuce is something I eat daily since my angioplasty in 2012. A salad is my normal lunch when working at home, or eating away from home. I generally buy a spring mix of various lettuce types at Costco or elsewhere … Continue reading

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Baby carrots more ways than you can imagine

The vegan cocktail pups sound fun, I can use Localfolk low-salt barbecue sauce and give that one a try next time my veggie-eating daughter is in town. Continue reading

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Standard Market Grill — some nice salad choices

The rest of the menu, once you move beyond the salad section, looks a bit high-salt, high-fat to me, unfortunately. Continue reading

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27 Live goes Greek — Oompa!

I enjoyed our meal, we’ll have to try it again when we have more time to wait for the large plate offerings. Continue reading

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Grilling kitchen indoors — this pan does the trick

I loved the meal though and will definitely use the pan again. One side has grilling ridges, the other is flat. Continue reading

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Another tasty-looking tomato sauce recipe from Recipe Rehab

I also might be tempted to leave out the kale. I like the idea of the red pepper. Continue reading

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Sabra has a new low-salt pineapple salsa

Nice to have another low-salt salsa to choose from and nice to have it at Costco. Continue reading

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Oreo maker plans healthy snacks? Really? Here’s the rub

The challenge for these companies is that healthy snacks already exist in wild abundance — they’re called fruits and, for those who can tolerate them, nuts. Continue reading

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