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5 low-sodium meals to consider

Salt has become my sworn enemy because of its impact on my weight and blood pressure, so I’ve been working hard to redo recipes to get the salt out since my 2012 angioplasty. Check my recipe page for some great … Continue reading

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A heart-related discount from Healthy Heart Market

Healthy Heart Market is a good online shopping alternative if you can’t find low- and no-salt offerings in your local supermarkets or food stores here you shop. I’ve written about it’s offerings in the past. But shipping products, especially liquids, … Continue reading

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Low-salt, Low-fat recipes for Super Bowl

The Big Game is almost upon us, that day when everyone else is eating fried, greasy, salty, fatty snacks. But if you’re on a  low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar diet as I am, my first suggestion would be you host the party … Continue reading

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Simple can be delicious, try this no-salt chicken recipe

Finding new chicken recipes is an obsession of mine that began shortly after my 2012 angiopasty when I cut down on red meat and substituted more chicken and fish meals. So I’m always on the lookout for new chicken recipes. … Continue reading

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