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A funky summer take on a cucumber salad

Cucumber salads are a favorite of mine, I’ve written about cucumber with tomatoes and fennel, among other combos. But recently I saw a new take on a cucumber salad from Bon Apettit, a cucumber and peach salad. Fresh peaches are a … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions…gotta love it

Rather than the regular crumbled feta in the recipe, we used fat-free feta. I use this in a lot of dishes, but sparingly because it still contains a lot of salt, as do almost all cheeses. Continue reading

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The Garden Bar in Portland — a great spot for a salad

The atmosphere was fresh and exceedingly clean with a bit of offbeat humor in a sign I really enjoyed. Continue reading

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A festival of fennel recipes from Bon Appetit

Lamb aside, hats off to Bon Appetit for this roundup. Continue reading

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Let us discuss lettuce, is it all the same?

Lettuce is something I eat daily since my angioplasty in 2012. A salad is my normal lunch when working at home, or eating away from home. I generally buy a spring mix of various lettuce types at Costco or elsewhere … Continue reading

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Standard Market Grill — some nice salad choices

The rest of the menu, once you move beyond the salad section, looks a bit high-salt, high-fat to me, unfortunately. Continue reading

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27 Live goes Greek — Oompa!

I enjoyed our meal, we’ll have to try it again when we have more time to wait for the large plate offerings. Continue reading

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Salt-free beets, a good choice for your do-it-yourself salad

One item I routinely added at salad bars was slices of beets. But when I went to buy them at a supermarket I found salt hidden inside, 250 mgs per serving to be exact. Continue reading

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Shrimp with cucumbers and fennel, try it, you’ll like it

Once the shrimp is cooked, you simply build your salad with the other ingredients. It’s simple and tasty as well, the lemon is always a welcome flavor touch. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Summer salads and edamame pasta — a light, fun meal

These are all simple and fast to make, try them for a summer treat that doesn’t require turning on the oven. Continue reading

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