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7 “healthy foods” that really aren’t

Skepticism is my middle name when it comes to any claims that certain foods or food products are healthy. I’ve seen too many food fads come and go and too much science change to believe any of it is permanent … Continue reading

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No sodium: restaurants still have a long way to go

Twenty percent is good but it doesn’t come close to getting sodium levels down to where someone like me, who is trying to stay under 1,200 mgs of sodium a day, need them to be. I miss Chinese food dearly, so I hope these efforts will continue. Continue reading

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Embeya for restaurant week? yes, yes, yes

The second course included a nice rendition of clams in a coconut broth and also grilled quail which smelled so tasty I couldn’t wait to dig in. Continue reading

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Irene’s fat-free biscotti, a great baked item

Each slice contains zero fat, only 5 mgs of salt and 3g of sugar. A slice, there are about 18 in a container, is only 20 calories, so here, finally, is something you can binge on while on a restricted diet! Continue reading

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Low-fat chocolate chip cookies: found some good ones at Whole Foods

The cookies look a bit odd, like flat pieces of mud, but they taste great, the most chocolate-tasting things I’ve found that are low fat. Continue reading

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Pasta with Roasted Peppers

This looks like a fun recipe. To make it no salt, no fat, no sugar I would leave out the capers (salt), the sugar and substitute fat-free cheese for regular cheese (fat). I’d also opt for a whole wheat or … Continue reading

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Paleo Diet: heard of it? Don’t give it a second thought

If you’re worried about heart disease, as I am, cut the salt, fat and sugar and hope for the best. While future researchers may find something better, right now that’s the best advice we have. Continue reading

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Ted’s Montana Grill: Order the bison fillet

The eight ounce bison fillet is 545 calories, according to the ted’s nutritional info page, and 28 grams of fat. That compares with 64 grams of fat for the comparable beef fillet. Continue reading

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Panera, get the salt out, please!

Bad move Panera, if you’re going to promote new products as healthy, boldly display nutrition information for them. Continue reading

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No salt, no fat, no sugar restaurant menus? Not just yet.

Had restaurants, especially national chains, finally heard my cry for no salt, no fat and no sugar? Continue reading

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