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Thanksgiving Menu: Adding cheese to your salad

As you can see in the pictures I took, a quarter cup of the feta has zero fat. But it does have 430 mgs of sodium, demonstrating how high in sodium cheese is. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Menu: Can you make a low-sodium bread stuffing?

I’m planning to make my own stuffing from scratch using a sodium-free whole wheat bread I found at Trader Joe’s recently. Continue reading

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Thanskgiving Menu: search the Web for low-salt options

I went searching online and found a variety of sites and recipes you can try. These are no-salt focused, so some items ahve too much fat and/or sugar to make. You can adjust some with lower-fat ingredients, I would think. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving menu: how about some chestnuts

Chestnuts are normally only available around Thanksgiving time in the United States. Cooking and peeling them can be an effort, if you don’t peel them quickly after cooking, the shells will stick and you’ll end up throwing them away. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving menu: try low-sodium olives to cut salt

The low sodium olives will cost anywhere from 50% to 100% more at retail than the regular ones. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Turkey: Beware the hidden salt of self-basting turkeys

Your best bet is to buy a fresh turkey with the minimum salt content of 50-70 mgs per serving. If you must buy another, check to get the lowest salt content possible. Continue reading

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Dengeo’s: a Chicago north suburban favorite

Thanks Dengeo’s for showing that a local restaurant can offer healthy dishes. Continue reading

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Yard House: can a chain restaurant serve healthy food?

Overall, I was happy Yard House could make me something without salt, but looking at its menu, it has a long, long way to go to get the salt out of almost all its dishes. Continue reading

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Trans fats going away…what about salt next?

What will it take to get U.S. food makers off their salt addiction and to get chefs to learn to flavor beyond just throwing in more salt? Continue reading

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