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NoSaltNoFatNoSugar.com achieves all-time high view total in January

More people are finding us and hearing our message. January was a record month, in fact, for views of our site. NoSaltNoFatNoSugar.com had 6,174 views in January from 3,243 visitors. Continue reading

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Healthy Heart Market offering shipping discount

Healthy Heart Market is a good place to shop online for low-salt offerings you can’t find in local stores. I turned to it extensively after my 2012 angioplasty as I dropped salt, fat and sugar from my daily eating routine. … Continue reading

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A heart-related discount from Healthy Heart Market

Healthy Heart Market is a good online shopping alternative if you can’t find low- and no-salt offerings in your local supermarkets or food stores here you shop. I’ve written about it’s offerings in the past. But shipping products, especially liquids, … Continue reading

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Let’s talk heart attacks for a minute…just a minute

The WebMD list has 16 triggers, as if the AARP list isn’t worrisome enough, that starts with lack of sleep and moves on to migraines (also on the AARP list), cold weather, air pollution and strong emotions! Continue reading

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Eating out salt, fat and calorie minefields from WebMD

The deep dish pizza hit closest to home for me since Chicago is the home of deep dish. I often ate deep dish before my 2012 angioplasty. Since then, I’ve had it four times in three and a half years. Continue reading

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2015 — a setback year in my battle against fat and sugar

I gained 14 pounds over the course of the year, but six pounds of that came in December thanks to a trip to the place of my birth, New York City, where I ate all the foods I grew up loving — all high in fat, sugar, salt and calories. Continue reading

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Evanston’s Celtic Knot surprised me with a nice salmon salad

The lunch turned out much healthier than I had feared it might be, so kudos for the choice Celtic Knot. Continue reading

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My second heart walk – a very moving experience

Putting that hat on brought me to tears in 2014, the first year I participated, and it did so again this year. Continue reading

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Life three years after angioplasty

I try to enjoy every moment now and not constantly look ahead in my life, which I always had done. It is a dramatic change in temperment that I’m still learning to handle. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to me!

I turn 62 today and I’m back in the city of my birth. Continue reading

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