achieves all-time high view total in January

The mission for this blog since I started it in late 2012 has been to help people with health issues eat tasty, satisfying food rather than just the bland stuff nutritionists propose after a major health incident such as my angioplasty in 2012.

Those in my family who have died from heart attacks. I miss them all.

Those in my family who have died from heart attacks. I miss them all.

But helping people is only possible if they’re listening, otherwise I’m just another tree falling in the forest, unknown and unseen and not helping anyone.

So it’s been gratifying to see our visitor traffic building year after year. More people are finding us and hearing our message. January was a record month, in fact, for views of our site. had 6,174 views in January from 3,243 visitors.

Our previous high had been in January 2017, proving the old adage that people start thinking about what they’re eating after the Christmas and year-end holidays.

The most viewed item on the site in January was our recipes page. That is proving the heart of the blog and I’ll be adding more recipes soon.

Next came a post I wrote at the start of my blogging and have updated several times since: What Can You Eat on a No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat Diet?

That was followed by posts on low-salt teriyaki and low-salt salsa, showing people want condiments that aren’t loaded with salt as is much too often the case.

Most of our visitors are from the United States and Canada, but we’ve had views from as far away as Singapore and Australia. We thank you all and encourage you to keep visiting.



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