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Pizza on a restricted diet – make your own

But pizza is loaded with fat and salt, two no-nos on my new restricted diet. Rather than give it up, I’ve been tinkering with ways to make a healthier pizza. Continue reading

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Lobster — you can eat it on a restricted diet, AHA says

I recently bought some lobster tails at a local supermarket that were labeled four-ounce tails, three equaling 12 ounces in a package. After steaming them, I weighed the meat from one tail and found it was 2.5 ounces. Continue reading

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Loser’s Jillian Michaels – Shame on you for this recipe

Jillian usually pushes healthy eating but this salad has enough salt to meet my daily limit, along with that of others on a salt restricted diet. Even if you’re not on a low- or no-salt diet, it has way too much salt Continue reading

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Feeling lucky — try that burger, cake, ice cream, prime rib

Maybe if they had seen your artery blocked to where blood was barely reaching your heart they wouldn’t ask. Maybe if they heard a doctor tell them they had been five minutes from a fatal heart attack and possibly death, they might begin to grasp why this is not some fad diet you’re on. Continue reading

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Wedding food — what can you eat?

If you get invited to a wedding that gives you menu choices in advance, by all means order what you need. If not, plan to eat when you get home. Continue reading

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Low-salt, low-fat eating out — very diffcult, not impossible, we can help

so I’ve been looking through menu nutrition information and talking to chefs and restaurant manager’s trying to find dishes I can still enjoy away from home. I still want to socialize and eating out is a major part of that. Continue reading

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Low-salt, low-fat ingredients — we’ve found them for you

I’ve been walking up and down store aisles and searching online for low-salt, low-fat items such as sauces and the leanest possible red meats. Continue reading

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Vitaminwater Labeling Lawsuit Can Continue, But Plaintiffs Probably Won’t Be Able To Seek Damages

Originally posted on Consumerist:
(M. Bitter) It’s been more than four years since the Center for Science in the Public Interest and others filed its lawsuit against Coca-Cola for allegedly overstating the health benefits of vitaminwater and the case has…

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Low-Salt, Low-Fat Recipes – we’ve got ‘em, check our new page

Holiday recipes also are listed. Finding a way to enjoy the holidays with the types of foods you once ate can be daunting. I detail how to re-imagine some holiday dishes so you can eat them and still enjoy the festivities in the process. Continue reading

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Omega 3s—maybe not all they were advertised to be

It’s just another example to me that nutritionists are still guessing more than knowing what’s best for us to eat. Be cautious of anything anyone claims will produce miracles for you. Continue reading

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