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The Crab Pot, a Seattle Pike Place Market fun standby

While the feast is primarily seafood it still put me over my salt daily limit of 1,200 -1,500 mgs, but this was one time I felt I could splurge given the low-fat nature of everything I ate. Continue reading

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Safeco Field offers salmon salad…gotta love it

Seattle is the salmon capital of the continental United States (Alaska does a pretty good job of it as well) but even knowing Seattle’s salmon reputation, I wasn’t prepared to find salmon sold at the Seattle Mariners’ ballpark, Safeco Field. … Continue reading

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Ray’s Boathouse: a Seattle gem

My love of salmon made Seattle a logical vacation spot for my wife and I. Seattle is awash in salmon. Indeed we had it everywhere from Pike’s Place Market to Safeco Field. How many baseball stadiums have a salmon offering … Continue reading

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Salmon in Seattle: it’s everywhere, enjoy

My wife and I recently vacationed for a few days in Seattle, a city that’s synonymous with salmon which thankfully is allowed on my low-fat, low-sodium post-angioplasty diet. Continue reading

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Costco has switched bread crumb brands, shame on you Costco

I wrote early this year about a great panko breadcrumb find at Costco. Indeed, the giant box lasted me from February through August. But I was very disappointed when I went back to Costco recently only to find it had … Continue reading

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Prairie Moon: a long-time favorite comes through with a low-salt tasty treat

Prairie Moon is a restaurant where special orders, to hold the salt, fat and sugar, don’t seem to upset them and where the result is still a great night-out meal. Continue reading

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Which fats should you be eating? A guest post

Remember, a little fat goes a long way and is concentrated in small portions. Continue reading

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Healthy Thursday: Healthy on a Budget

Originally posted on Brick ONeil:
Eating healthy on a budget, while having health issues-ie: diabetes, heart disease, organ transplant, etc, can be difficult but attainable.  A few hints and tips I’ve followed throughout my “Simple Healthy Fresh” cookbook series are,…

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Dumping junk food: two years and counting for me

To reach this point, I have completely changed how I eat, walking away from all the high-fat, high-sodium, high-sugar foods I once loved and lived for. It’s been extremely tough, but there are rewards. Continue reading

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Fish tacos: here’s how to make them healthier

I recently came across this video on the Boston Globe site for what’s dubbed healthy fish tacos. You’ll have to watch to get the recipe and leave out the salt, but other than that, it sounds very simple. To make … Continue reading

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