Ray’s Boathouse: a Seattle gem

My love of salmon made Seattle a logical vacation spot for my wife and I. Seattle is awash in salmon. Indeed we had it everywhere from Pike’s Place Market to Safeco Field. How many baseball stadiums have a salmon offering on their menus? But when we ate out with a good friend of ours who lives in Seattle, she took us to a wonderful place we wouldn’t have found on our own, Ray’s Boathouse.

Seattle is a wonderful place to eat fresh salmon. I had it four days straight, including this wonderful offering at Ray's Boathouse.
My salmon at Ray’s Boathouse in Seattle…wonderful.

Ray’s served me the best salmon I had during my time in Seattle. I asked for it and the asparagus and potatoes that accompanied it with no salt, as I usually do. The special request was not a problem for Ray’s The salmon was the thickest I had in Seattle, and so wonderfully flavorful.

My wife ordered her favorite, halibut, and called it the best halibut she’d ever had, high praise indeed from such a halibut fan. The atmosphere was upscale casual and the place is mammoth, so we had no trouble being seated fairly quickly after we arrived.

Ray’s is a special place to visit should you be in Seattle, enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Ray’s Boathouse: a Seattle gem”

    1. Mien too. I’m amazed that many restaurants now are serving salmon with various herbed butters on them, as if salmon needs more fat! I always ask for it without any butter, it’s delicious as it is.

      1. It so delicious! Served simply steamed with some herbs and sometimes I use just a little olive oil but no butter or anything else. It’s also lovely with acidic fruit like oranges and lime…

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