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Seafood and pasta, thank you Giada

I’d sub in whole wheat or Barilla Plus pasta for regular spaghetti, and leave out the salt (you don’t need it to cook spaghetti, that’s an old wives’ tale). Continue reading

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Food coloring and what we eat — a real eye-opener

The food industry has been moving away from artificial colors, the Associated Press reported recently. The reason — consumers don’t want anything artificial in their foods these days. I read the story first in the New York Post and then … Continue reading

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Always hungry? Welcome to my world; this might help

Former Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels has these suggestions for dealing with a big appetite. Continue reading

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Going off my diet in the foothills of Austin — hello County Line

The combo plate came with one giant beef rib and the brisket. In days gone by, I could easily eat three beef ribs. Continue reading

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Roaring Fork in Austin, when you want just one great steak

A good quality fillet served rare can literally melt in your mouth…and this one did just that. It was sumptuous beyond description. Continue reading

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Eastside Cafe, a little Austin gem deep in the heart of Texas

What made up for the slightly dry tuna was the lemonade served here. Rather than just juice, it was more like the lemon ice of my youth. Continue reading

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Making fruit salad from old fruit can taste great

On hot summer nights when something light is in order, fruit salad can be my dinner instead of just a snack or side dish. Continue reading

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Life three years after angioplasty

I try to enjoy every moment now and not constantly look ahead in my life, which I always had done. It is a dramatic change in temperment that I’m still learning to handle. Continue reading

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Milwaukee Brewers’ chicken choices strike out

Chicken breast sandwiches have become my ballpark food these days. Even they come on salt-filled buns and likely have a lot of salt on them, but they’re at least lower fat than hot dogs or those delicious brats. Seattle’s ballpark … Continue reading

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St. Paul’s Fish Co., in Milwaukee, a great seafood choice

The scallops didn’t have a great sear on them, something anyone who watches Hell’s Kitchen will know is not easy to do. But they tasted wonderfully fresh and I enjoyed the salsa. Continue reading

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