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Ciao: a south suburban Chicago old-school Italian place

Ciao is a throwback to the Italian restaurants of my youth in New York. You walk in, Frank Sinatra is singing, what more could you ask for? Continue reading

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Fennel: a fun food that fits in most any diet

In recent years, I’ve also cooked fennel and served it as a fun side dish. Continue reading

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Thomas’s multigrain English muffins: a tasty low-salt alternative

One muffin has only 160 mgs of salt, 1 gram of sugar and one gram of fat. That’s about a tenth of my daily salt, acceptable for one item in one meal during the day. Continue reading

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Eggplant Couscous

Originally posted on Dinner of Herbs:
This dish took a different turn than expected, but I believe it became much better than the original. Originally, I was supposed to roast zucchini, onion, and tomatoes and add it to couscous with…

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Wild catch coho salmon

Originally posted on Over the Salt:
It is that lovely time of year when Coho salmon is fresh-caught and available in the local market, along with fresh local greens. Refrigerated, but not frozen, the salmon bakes up in just twenty…

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Steelhead trout: a variation better than the norm?

Steelhead is pinkish in color, causing many to confuse it with salmon (and I would think causing some unscrupulous retailers and restaurants to pass it off as salmon). But it’s not as fatty as salmon, nor quite as boney or fishy tasting as rainbow trout. Continue reading

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The pub food challenge: welcome to the Valley Lodge Tavern

I have to confess though it is still very difficult for me to go to such places with people who can eat everything I once did but can’t any longer. Luckily that night, the great conversations we were having pulled me out of my malaise about the food situation. Continue reading

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Levant: a Portland (OR) find on our recent vacation

The marinated grilled octopus was a main course for me even though it’s listed as an appetizer (at $17). It comes with chickpeas, torpedo onions, preserved orange, cilician. I’m not sure what that last item listed is, I couldn’t find reference to it online, so if you visit this place, ask them about it. Continue reading

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The salt demons start grabbing us early in life, new study finds

So we’re addicting our children to salt and giving them heart and other health problems right from the start. Among the offending, high-salt foods: bread, processed meats, chicken patties, Mexican food and pre-made, store-bought soups. Continue reading

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spicy garlic dilly beans

Originally posted on radish*rose:
Do you love green beans? Me too! These are a crunchy fresh green bean flavor bomb of garlicy, vinegary, dilly goodness – yet they are low in fat and salt. Healthy eating does not have to…

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