Challenges: those extra little devils!

Some good advice, especially the part about leaving behind people who cause you to eat or drink to unhealthy levels. My social habits have changed completely since I was put on a restricted diet following my angioplasty last August

Carbs and Barbs

It goes without saying that it isn’t all going to be plain sailing once you have made the decision to lose weight. If it were easy then everyone would be thin, fit and healthy. It takes work but along the way there are extra trials and tribulations set in your way. I thought that I would highlight some of those that I have come across and how I have got round them. This list is by no means exhaustive but it aims to just show that any challenge has a solution but it is just keep the mental focus to make sure you overcome them rather than let them overcome you.

Meals out

This is certainly more applicable to the early stages of my ‘dieting’. I found this incredibly complicated as I still wanted to be able to socialise by going out, especially as it was so ingrained in my…

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Where Can You Find Food to Eat At Restaurants?

Eating out is an ordeal for anyone on a restricted diet. I have cut back tremendously on the times each week I eat out with my wife and stopped going to several old favorites that don’t offer any low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar dishes that I find acceptable.

Before we eat out these days, I always try to scrutinize menus in advance to see what my options might be. Doing that helped my wife and I have a wonderful evening a few weeks ago at a completely unexpected locale, a Romanian restaurant in Chicago called Little Bucharest.

We were headed to a play in a section of Chicago I wasn’t familiar with in terms of restaurant options. So I checked on Google maps and found several places near the theater, only to be disappointed by one menu after another that was mostly pub food — unacceptable fatty beef, ribs, fried foods, etc.

My Romanian salmon
My Romanian salmon

Little Bucharest, however, had a broiled salmon dish on its menu that sounded acceptable and even tasty. It was served over a bed of leeks, peppers and potatoes. There was a light sauce, which I probably shouldn’t have gotten but it wasn’t on the fish. It all tasted great and we were treated to a musical group playing there as well, creating a memorable evening for us.

Bravo to owner Bronko, please add more dishes I can eat so we can visit again.

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