Where Can You Find Food to Eat At Restaurants?

Bravo to owner Bronko, please add more dishes I can eat so we can visit again.

Eating out is an ordeal for anyone on a restricted diet. I have cut back tremendously on the times each week I eat out with my wife and stopped going to several old favorites that don’t offer any low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar dishes that I find acceptable.

Before we eat out these days, I always try to scrutinize menus in advance to see what my options might be. Doing that helped my wife and I have a wonderful evening a few weeks ago at a completely unexpected locale, a Romanian restaurant in Chicago called Little Bucharest.

We were headed to a play in a section of Chicago I wasn’t familiar with in terms of restaurant options. So I checked on Google maps and found several places near the theater, only to be disappointed by one menu after another that was mostly pub food — unacceptable fatty beef, ribs, fried foods, etc.

My Romanian salmon
My Romanian salmon

Little Bucharest, however, had a broiled salmon dish on its menu that sounded acceptable and even tasty. It was served over a bed of leeks, peppers and potatoes. There was a light sauce, which I probably shouldn’t have gotten but it wasn’t on the fish. It all tasted great and we were treated to a musical group playing there as well, creating a memorable evening for us.

Bravo to owner Bronko, please add more dishes I can eat so we can visit again.

Little Bucharest Bistro on Urbanspoon


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