How You’re Going To Get Used To A Whole Foods Diet

If you’re looking to cut the fats, the salts, and the sugars from your diet, there’s one thing, in particular, you need to cut out of your life wholesale. It means that whatever supermarket you might have used before is likely about to become more than 80% out of bounds.

We’re talking about cutting out processed foods. It can be difficult to make the transition, but there are a few tools that you’re going to need to really make it.salad-791891_960_720

Get disciplined

If you’re getting into a whole foods diet, you have to commit. That means drawing a line in the sand and not allowing yourself any temptation to the dark side.

No, the occasional treat that forays back into the processed foods is not allowed. The science says that a lot of those ‘treats’, like chocolate, cake, and breads only make you hungrier. Meaning it’s even easier to slide back into bad habits. Continue reading “How You’re Going To Get Used To A Whole Foods Diet”

If Healthy Eating Is Your Life, You Need These Kitchen Items Now

We all know that it can be a struggle sometimes cutting back on salt, fat, and sugar. But we also know that these things are not great for our health, that is why we did it. But did you know that there are lots of awesome kitchen gadgets out there that make cooking without these things, not only possible but easy? No? Well, keep reading for a cooking revelation.


Blenders are a great tool to have in any kitchen. Bt they can particularly help the low salt, low sugar, low-fat kitchen because they are brilliant at creating flavor. Continue reading “If Healthy Eating Is Your Life, You Need These Kitchen Items Now”

Garlic-herbed scallops — hold the butter, still delicious

Recipes cards at supermarket fish and beef counters seem a bit old-school, bu I still like to pick them up when looking for new ideas to meet my low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar diet requirements. I recently grabbed one for garlic-herbed scallops because I knew I had a package of scallops in my freezer and hadn’t been sure how to cook them.

My dinner of garlic-herbed scallops, zucchini slices and whole-wheat spaghetti.
My dinner of garlic-herbed scallops, zucchini slices and whole-wheat spaghetti.

I love garlic, herbs are fine, so I thought this would be worth a try. When I looked at the recipe, I saw it included butter and salt. I decided to leave those out. The result was a still very tasty olive-oil-based basting sauce that conveyed a wonderful taste to the scallops. Continue reading “Garlic-herbed scallops — hold the butter, still delicious”

A fun seafood restaurant in food-heavy Highwood, Il.

Highwood, a far northern Chicago suburb, has been known traditionally for its Italian restaurants but the foodscape there is becoming much more diverse these days. Lucky Fish Deli is just one example, a fun seafood shack that can make you feel like you’re in some sleepy East coast fishing town. Indeed, the decor was inspired by a trip the owner took to Maine, according to one story I’ve read.

Grilled octopus and asparagus at Lucky Fish, loved it.
Grilled octopus and asparagus at Lucky Fish, loved it.

The seafood was excellent. I went with a half-dozen oysters, which came out clean, fresh and cold as they should be served. I think the waiter said they were bluepoints. I was a little surprised there weren’t several varieties to choose from, but was very happy with what was available. Continue reading “A fun seafood restaurant in food-heavy Highwood, Il.”

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