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No salt, no sugar diet concerns? Check our expanded Eating Out page

Our eating away from home page has more than 50 posts on restaurants in eight metro areas across the country plus posts on national chains of all strips Continue reading

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Shrimp with cucumbers and fennel, try it, you’ll like it

Once the shrimp is cooked, you simply build your salad with the other ingredients. It’s simple and tasty as well, the lemon is always a welcome flavor touch. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Americans are eating less, finally, but what about the salt?

I also wish the survey had asked about salt, over consumption of which impacts people’s heart health but which so often is ignored in discussions of healthy eating.
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Purple potato chips — make them fat-free, salt-free

I enjoyed the purple potato chips but will be returning to my russets next time around the chip carousel.

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Swordfish and zucchini on the grill, a great summer cookout option

The result was a delicious and relatively quick summer meal, cook entirely outside. Swordfish is so meaty and dense, I highly recommend it. Continue reading

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Egg white omelette — here’s how to make a quick breakfast, or lunch

I used three egg whites and some tomatoes I had handy along with some onions I sliced up. Continue reading

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Roasted cheery tomato sauce – a great quick gravy for any Italian dish

Tomato sauce, called gravy in my Italian-American family, is something I simply do not want to live without. I now make it with only the lowest salt-content tomatoes available and have even found low-salt tomato paste. Cooking it, or rather … Continue reading

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Yogurt toast revisited — tried it, loved it

I’ll be eating this morning treat again. Continue reading

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Summer salads and edamame pasta — a light, fun meal

These are all simple and fast to make, try them for a summer treat that doesn’t require turning on the oven. Continue reading

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Watermelon salsa? I’m going to give it a try

Salsa, at least most store-bought salsa, is loaded with salt. I have found several low-salt varieties I’be blogged about here. But I find most turn up the heat, pepper-wise, to compensate for less salt and I’m not a big hot … Continue reading

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