Yard House: can a chain restaurant serve healthy food?

Yard House is a chain restaurant that began life in southern California and now is in 17 states across the country, ranging from New York to Hawaii, according to its website.

Chain restaurants usually are not the place to get no salt, no fat, no sugar dishes. So I was a bit apprehensive when my wife told me we were meeting friend of hers at a local outlet of Yard House, which features tavern-like foods.

Much as I once loved a great burger, I can’t eat them anymore and watching other people eat them is painful for me.

But thankfully, there was an option for me on the extensive menu, a tuna dish served with brown rice. The dish normally involves a black bean sauce which is extremely high in sodium (the Yard House nutrition info lists it at 1708 mgs for the entire dish) but when I told the waiter I was on a no-salt diet, he suggested the sauce could be kept on the side. I dipped a fork into it for a tiny taste, it was wonderful but too salty for me these days, so I was very happy he had been so understanding and helpful.

My Yard House tuna, without the sauce.

My Yard House tuna, without the sauce.

The tuna itself was tasty and done rare the way I like it. The rice was, well, rice, not really much you can say about that.

Yard House also had a seared ahi sandwich, that, if you don’t eat the bread that it comes on, has 739 mgs of sodium on it, high but ok for a night out if you’ve been careful the rest of the day. It also has grilled fish that are ok, salt-wise. And we had a wonderful grilled artichoke appetizer, plain and delicious.

Overall, I was happy Yard House could make me something without salt, but looking at its menu, it has a long, long way to go to get the salt out of almost all its dishes.

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