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Grilling season is here — how about grilled salad?

I would modify this recipe. Take out the salt, of course. I’d also eliminate the avocado and the pistachios because I don’t like either. If you do, keep them. Continue reading

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Broadway and Nathan’s hot dogs, the perfect match

The food court has been cleaned up a bit since our last visit there in 2011, but it’s still hardly glamorous, looking more like the old Times Square than the new sanitized one. And for an old Brooklyn boy like me, that’s kinda fun to see Continue reading

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Da Nonna Rosa — a Brooklyn gem in my childhood neighborhood

New York is home to every imaginable cuisine and price range of restaurant. I wrote recently about a magical meal we had at Morimoto’s in Chelsea Market while in Manhattan. But a recent dream week in New York for my … Continue reading

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Bye bye trans fats — the FDA finally lowers the hammer

Trans fats, which unfortunately Americans have been eating for the past half century or so, are finally being banned from U.S. foods. The Food and Drug Administration finally has set a deadline for the complete elimination of partially hydrogenated oils, … Continue reading

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Junior’s in Brooklyn — coming home, eating amazing cheesecake

Junior’s is one of the few things in Brooklyn that’s still there from my childhood so, so many years ago. It’s also a place that binds my family together. Continue reading

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Morimoto’s in New York — an exquisite dining experience, especially for my birthday

Morimoto’s is certainly one of my favorite restaurants ever and worth a low-salt, low-fat diet splurge. Continue reading

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A New York lunch with family, what could be better, or healthier?

Thank you Evelyn for making it all happen! And thanks to Joyce and Eva for coming, as well as to my third-generation triplet cousins who are so amazing in their own right. Wow, I’m still just so happy about that meal and that day. Continue reading

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Snack EOS, a tasty neighborhood spot in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen

EOS is in a section of Manhattan known as Hell’s Kitchen for its slum past. It’s anything but a slum now and is worth walking around to find gems like Snack EOS Continue reading

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My New York food vacation

Pigging out for my birthday is becoming an annual tradition for me. Continue reading

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Nestle joins the move away from artificial ingredients

Ten percent isn’t much, but it’s a start. Pizza is loaded with salt and fat thanks to the cheese and crusts which are high in salt. Continue reading

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