Denny’s Fit Fare menu — loaded with salt

Many national restaurant chains these days are trying to adjust menus to offer what they call healthier or leaner meals. It’s a tall order to full when their menu planners remain addicted to salt! I ran into this with Applebee’s last year and just came face-to-face with it again recently when I went to a local Denny’s for breakfast.

Denny’s has what it has dubbed its Fit Fare menu. Items are labeled as “lite” and their protein amounts are highlighted as well. But when you dig into the nutrition info on Denny’s website, you see the sad salt stories.

My Denny's omelet..get the salt out Denny's!!!
My Denny’s omelet..get the salt out Denny’s!!!

Take the Fit Fare veggie omelet made with egg whites as an example. I planned to get this, but then saw it contains 820 mgs of sodium, basically half my daily limit! Where is all the salt? I discussed it with a very helpful waitress. We agreed the Swiss cheese used and the English muffin that could be a side likely accounted for most of it. Continue reading “Denny’s Fit Fare menu — loaded with salt”


No salt, no sugar Memorial Day recipes — more salmon in foil

The recipe calls for baking these, but I think they would be tasty on the grill too. An outdoor gas grill is just an oven by another name, after all. Try them outside.

Grilling salmon in foil for Memorial Day is hardly a new idea, I’ve written about my take on it here  in the past. But I have a chef crush on Giada De Laurentiis, so when I saw the Food Network send me one of her salmon-wrapped-in-foil recipes, I had to click through to it.

Place salmon on the lemon and coat with lemon-infused olive oil and spices.
Salmon in foil, my take with lemons.

It sounds good with Italian overtones — tomatoes, lemon juice, oregano. I’m adding it to my salmon medley of grilling. Continue reading “No salt, no sugar Memorial Day recipes — more salmon in foil”

No salt, no sugar Memorial Day recipes — bring out the shrimp

This shrimp salad is worth a revisit this Memorial Day weekend, something lighter to balance out your larger meals.

Memorial Day is almost upon us and if you’re like me, you’ve probably been cooking outside already this weekend. This is my third no salt, no sugar Memorial Day recipe this year after writing one about chicken and then grilled strawberries.

A wonderfully simple shrimp, fennel and cucumber salad
A wonderfully simple shrimp, fennel and cucumber salad

Bon Appetit recently sent me a roundup of 39 shrimp recipes, some for grilling. Looking through them, I found a lot I wouldn’t try because of salt or heavy spices. But I came across one that sounded good. Continue reading “No salt, no sugar Memorial Day recipes — bring out the shrimp”

No salt, no sugar Memorial Day recipes — a great grilled berry dessert

I love doing unexpected things with fruit, like the fruit pizza I’ve served guests. I’m going to have to try this one this Memorial Day weekend.

Memorial Day grilling recipes usually involve meat or fish or some sort, whether it be chicken or, my personal favorite, salmon. So I was intrigued to see this recipe on for a grilled strawberry dessert.

Grilled strawberries? Sounds fun.
Grilled strawberries? Sounds fun.

Here’s the ingredient list and how I’d modify it to get some sugar and fat out of it: Continue reading “No salt, no sugar Memorial Day recipes — a great grilled berry dessert”

No salt, no sugar Memorial Day recipes — barbecued chicken

Other times, I’ll be modifying recipes, like for this barbecued chicken recipe which the New York Times had on its Easy Memorial Day Menu. Not so easy if you want to get the salt, sugar and fat out.

Memorial Day weekend is the official start to the summer cook-out season, so naturally every food site and publication has been posting Memorial Day barbecue and grilling recipes. But most are loaded with salt and sugar because most prepared barbecue sauces are as well.

Chicken rosemary skewers were wonderfully flavorful and easy to make.
Time to put some chicken on the grill for Memorial Day?

So for the next four days, I’ll be posting no salt, no sugar, low-fat variations on what everyone else is telling you to make. some times I’ll be referring back to past recipes fo mine, like my salmon done five ways on the grill. Continue reading “No salt, no sugar Memorial Day recipes — barbecued chicken”

Some simple, yet tasty, salmon recipes from Costco Connection

The second requires a bit more prep because it involves putting salmon pieces and veggies on skewers with onions and mushrooms.

Low salt, low fat and low sugar recipes are the main reason readers come to this site, so I’m always on the look-out for more great, and easy to make recipes. I found these two salmon recipes in the May issue of The Costco Connection, Costco’s magazine.

In another sheet of aluminum foil, place your four pieces of salmon and separate with aluminum foil. Then rub in marinades for each.
Grilling salmon is a luscious experience. Click the links here to see two grilled salmon recipes form Costco.

One is for grilled salmon with grilled vegetables. I’ve done variations of this many times, either grilling veggies on skewers or in big pans. This calls for putting zucchini, pepper and onions in foil, seasoning with basil, garlic and olive oil and then just grilling the packet for five minutes. What could be easier? The salmon itself int his recipe is simply brushed with olive oil and grilled. Continue reading “Some simple, yet tasty, salmon recipes from Costco Connection”

More fuel to the GMO debate

GMOs don’t worry me particularly, but if people want food labels to say exactly what’s in them, then why not label for GMOs?

A new report that some might have hoped would dampen the debate on genetically modified foods (GMOs)  gave each side something to be happy about and so likely doesn’t change the contentious nature of GMOs, according to media reports this week.

Here's what food labels could look like in Vermont-- noting GMOs-- unless Congress moves to stop it.
Here’s what food labels could look like in Vermont– noting GMOs.

The report Tuesday from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, said GMOs are safe to eat, something critics don’t believe, but it also said using them isn’t helping U.S. crop yields all that much because weeds and pests are adapting to them, as is nature’s way. Continue reading “More fuel to the GMO debate”