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A handy way to eat apricots year-round

I just love apricots and was happy to find these, I hope other supermarkets closer to me start carrying them as well. Continue reading

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Walmart, Aldi’s, others making fresh and organic food moves

Consumer desire to buy more unprocessed fresh and organic foods has definitely gotten the attention of the mainstream food retailing world. Three articles crossed my email recently confirming that.If you want to eat low-salt, low-fat and low-sugar, fresh is certainly the … Continue reading

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Tilapia — with a little chili kick

I recently saw this recipe from trainer Jillian Michaels on her site that I thought might interest you, especially if you’re into spicier fare Continue reading

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My low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar pantry

All this shows you can get the sat, fat and sugar out of the products you use to add flavor to your home-cooked recipes. Continue reading

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Salt and stomach cancer — one more reason to hold the salt

If the thought of taking blood pressure medication the rest of your life won’t get you off salt, how about the thought of fighting stomach cancer? Continue reading

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The GMO food labeling battle is reaching fever pitch

We are in the age of simple ingredients and clean, i.e. fewer and more basic ingredients, labels. The food companies that get that will prosper; the others will face continued sales declines. Continue reading

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My diet is better than yours is…over?

I was looking forward to seven weeks, or seven hours, of watching them try to lose weight on their own. but that time period was all compressed into the final hour. Continue reading

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Don’t forget to exercise

This blog is about food and trying to get the salt, fat and sugar out of your diet so you don’t find yourself with a blocked artery leading to your heart as I did in 2012. But any doctor or nutritionist will … Continue reading

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