Don’t forget to exercise

This blog is about food and trying to get the salt, fat and sugar out of your diet so you don’t find yourself with a blocked artery leading to your heart as I did in 2012. But any doctor or nutritionist will tell you regular exercise is important to your heart health as well.

I’ve incorporated exercise into my morning routine, normally doing 30 minutes on an exercise bike or rowing machine in my basement along with occasional weights. Lose It, which I use to track all my food consumption, loves sending me badges and recently sent an exercise one. This one shows I’ve exercised off at least 100 calories three times in a week.FitLikeAProLarge

One hundred calories is nothing, really, if you’re concerned about your weight. My 30 minutes of biking causes me to burn 350 calories, according the the app. Rowing burns 300, which I find difficult to believe because I feel the rowing is more difficult for me than the biking.

Calories burned depend on your weight to begin with, so check for yourself with an appropriate app or device to see what you burn for various exercises.

Exercise is work, plain and simple, setting aside a specific work time helps me get it done. I don’t need no stinkin’ badges form Lose It to help.



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