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The Best Low-Salt Pork Tenderloin Ever

Nice to see another man writing about low-salt recipes…. Advertisements

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The Tao of Men’s Emotional Health and Childhood Education

Originally posted on David James Lees ~ Wu Wei Wisdom:
A recent report commissioned by UK charities Relate and Men’s Health Forum highlighted how men are often ‘in the dark’ when it comes to emotional and relationship difficulties in their life, the…

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Where can I find low-salt, no-salt food?

Hunt’s is a national brand in most mainstream supermarkets but in none of those had I seen Hunt’s no-salt tomatoes. Yet here they were at Menard’s and in large cans for $1.62. I filled my cart with eight of them and felt tears of joy fill my eyes. Continue reading

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Making Dash Delicious

Originally posted on Staying Healthy:
By Jessica Goldman Foung D-A-S-H. When these four letters come together, they can have a multitude of meanings. In the dictionary, the term “dashing” refers to something elegant in appearance. In cooking, a “dash” implies…

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Can You Find Pre-made Low-Salt Tomato Sauce?

I’ve also been searching for prepared tomato sauce with little or no salt. Standard brands in mainstream supermarkets have tons of salt in them. But I found this Muir Glen product that fits my needs in a pinch. Continue reading

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What Are Some Healthy Fish Recipes?

Lemon is always a wonderful complement to fish. I use both lemon slices and lemon juice. I’ve done this with whole trout, where I insert lemon slices into the cut open center of the fish and then bake them. Continue reading

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A Simple Side Dish: Peas and Onions

They aren’t quite my mother’s yet, but I’m getting closer. I think adding some garlic next time will help as well. Continue reading

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How Lean Can Lean Beef Be?

At home, I had been buying 90 percent lean ground beef, thinking it was the leanest available. But as I’ve scouted my local stores with the new eyes of someone on a no-salt, no-fat, no-sugar diet, I discovered that one Chicago supermarket, Jewel, sells a leaner ground beef, 96% lean in fact. Continue reading

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Is All Ground Turkey Lean? Think Again

Stores sell lean ground turkey and extra lean ground turkey. The lean ground turkey, which often goes on sale for $3.99 a pound, has 8 grams of fat per serving (depending on the brand) while the extra lean, which never seems to go on sale in my area and costs $5.69 or more a pound, has only 1 gram of fat per serving. Continue reading

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Can You Eat Healthy at a Bowling Alley?

So imagine my surprise to find a bison burger on the menu! Bison is much leaner than beef. The menu did have the expected chicken breast sandwich and some salads that didn’t sound all that dull, assuming I brought my own oil and vinegar instead of using the dressings suggested. Continue reading

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