Can You Eat Healthy at a Bowling Alley?

I found myself last October wondering if I would be able to get anything I can eat in my restricted diet at a bowling alley. I had bowled on an office team last spring that won our league championship and the team was planning a reunion night out of bowling. We were going to a different place than we had bowled at previously, so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to eat anything there.

While I looked forward to seeing the team together again, I was worried I’d be watching everyone else drink beer and eat pizza. But luckily, the place we were going, Chicago’s Diversey River Bowl, was big enough to have put its restaurant menu on its Web site, so I checked ahead of time to see what I would settle for, imagining a dull salad or maybe yet another chicken breast.

A night at the bowling alley
A night at the bowling alley

So imagine my surprise to find a bison burger on the menu! Bison is much leaner than beef. The menu did have the expected chicken breast sandwich and some salads that didn’t sound all that dull, assuming I brought my own oil and vinegar instead of using the dressings suggested.

I gladly ordered the buffalo burger. It arrived with mayo which I scraped off, a reminder to be very specific when ordering anything. Other than that, I loved it. At eight ounces it was two ounces over my daily six-ounce red meat limit but I didn’t care in this case, it was too good of a surprise to pass up.

I did pass on the beer, but had what’s become for me a rare diet soda, so I was just as happy with that. Continue reading “Can You Eat Healthy at a Bowling Alley?”


How Much Salt Could be in Breadcrumbs? Too Much if You’re Not Careful

If you’re on a low-salt diet as I am, you need to scrutinize labels of every product you buy to eat or cook with, no matter how minor it seems. Even something as innocent sounding as breadcrumbs are loaded with salt.

I use breadcrumbs as filler for my lean turkey meatloafs. I also use egg whites to bind them together into the loaf, avoiding using whole eggs. It hadn’t occurred to me to read the salt content of the breadcrumbs until a coworker mentioned that she enjoyed panko breadcrumbs better than regular ones.

Read those bread crumb labels!
Read those bread crumb labels!

I saw some on my next shopping trip and compared labels for the panko vs. the Italian seasoned breadcrumbs I was buying. Both were store brand products. Continue reading “How Much Salt Could be in Breadcrumbs? Too Much if You’re Not Careful”

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