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How much fat is in Burger King’s new Satisfries?

I applaud Burger King for this effort. It’s long been known as the chain that caters to the outrageous tastes of teenage boys, so to see it do something to cut fat in a product is laudable. Continue reading

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How much salt is in Burger King’s new Satisfries?

Avoid, for example, BK’s chicken Caesar garden fresh salad with tendercrisp and dressing which comes in at an incredible 1,760 mgs of sodium, or a day’s worth even for a healthy person. Continue reading

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Salt-free tortilla chips – they’re available; watch the fat though

Salt-free tortilla chips are out there. I’ve found them at both Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Continue reading

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INdustri Café – sad to see it go

The restaurant also has extensive gluten-free and vegetarian options. As our server explained to me, it’s goal is to serve people food they can eat without fear of reactions, allergies, or in my case heart attacks. Continue reading

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Reduced-salt parmesan cheese — one way to get cheese back

Now, for whole wheat pasta dishes, I’ve found reduced fat grated parmesan from Kraft. Continue reading

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Salt-free teriyaki sauce — a taste test of three varieties

Sodium-free teriyaki sauce does exist, as I’ve written here, but the first brands I tried relied too heavily on pepper as a salt flavor replacer for my tastes. Continue reading

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Salt-free marinades – in the Chicago area, try Sunset Foods

Mrs. Dash recommended I try Sunset Foods, a wonderful local chain of upscale grocery stores that I’ve worked near and shopped at in the past. Continue reading

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Partying on a restricted diet — it’s tough to be the guest

I think the obligation to be gracious falls upon the host. When I host parties, I always check with guests about dietary preferences and do my best to have a variety of dishes for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Continue reading

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Labor Day on a restricted diet — you can barbecue

Labor Day is the unofficial end of the summer barbecue season, and usually means firing up the grill(s) for steaks, chicken, brats, Italian sausage, hot dogs and hamburgers. When you’re on a restricted diet, however,all those traditional American treats may … Continue reading

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