Partying on a restricted diet — it’s tough to be the guest

Going to food-filled parties while you must adhere to your restricted diet can be a painful experience, as I wrote about my July 4th experiences, and about a wedding I attended.

So I was intrigued by a post I came across on another blog about partying on a restricted diet. The blogger of that post notes that some hosts might be tempted not to invite people on restricted diets because of the difficulty serving them presents. That’s a sad statement for those of us living on restricted diets to hear but likely all too true.

My wedding meal, thanks for leaving so few veggies everyone.
My wedding meal, thanks for leaving so few veggies everyone.

There’s also advice about being a gracious guest. I think the obligation to be gracious falls upon the host. When I host parties, I always check with guests about dietary preferences and do my best to have a variety of dishes for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

The one exception I make is to cook without salt and use as many low-salt ingredients as I can find. Guests can always add salt. For me, it’s poison. Why would I put poison on food for my guests?



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