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Soup that’s low-salt: this brand didn’t really make the grade

My advice about soup if you’re on a low-fat and low-salt diet? Forget it. Without fat and salt, it’s just water with some random things in it. Continue reading

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Eggplant Bruschetta

  Eggplant Bruschetta. I would leave out the salt, find a low-fat cheese and a low-salt, muti-grain bread to make it lower fat, lower sodium. via Eggplant Bruschetta.

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Noyes Street Cafe: a neighborhood gem

I asked about a butterflied trout special. The menu described it as seasoned, and that usually means lots of salt. The waiter said he would check and returned quickly to tell me they could make it without the salt in the seasoning. Continue reading

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Naturally sweeten soda: what is that anyway?

But let’s face it, water, which I now drink a lot, is boring and tasteless. So I keep searching for low-calorie diet alternatives. Continue reading

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Healthy vegetable burgers!

Originally posted on Always Be Job Hunting:
I’d try this with egg whites instead of whole eggs and no pepper, I’m not into spicy things. I like an alternative to pre-made veggie burgers which are loaded with too much salt.…

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Low-fat cookies: here’s one to try, from Hannahmax Baking

I liked them, wishing only they could have been bigger with less fat and fewer calories. The bag I bought supposedly had six servings of six cookies each. I could have easily eaten it all in one setting which would have been 36 grams of fat and 720 calories, two no-nos for me these days. Continue reading

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Low-salt Easter dinner: how to enjoy the holiday meal

I still went over my daily salt and fat allotments, but I also splurged with the gravy and had two chocolate brownies for dessert, so that likely explained it. Think about how far over I would have been had I not done all this. Continue reading

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Eating right after you turn 50, bah humbug, but worth reading

One of the things that upsets me most about the eating changes I’ve had to make since my angioplasty in 2012 is that I’m now on what I feel is an old man’s diet. Continue reading

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Salt is everywhere, beware; become a smart shopper & diner

My doctor for years told me to cut the salt in my diet and I would always respond that I didn’t cook with salt or add any to my meals, what else could I do? It wasn’t until after my angioplasty that I found out — what I could and now have to do is read every food label and check every restaurant menu for salt content. Continue reading

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Low Sodium Stir Fry

Originally posted on faaizahsnutritionlab:
? Stir fry is one oif my favourite dishes. I love that it is quick to prepare, fresh, tasty and by slightly adjusting and experimenting with different ingredients, a whole new dish is created! Stir fry’s…

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