Low Sodium Stir Fry

Substitute a salt-free teriyaki sauce for the soy sauce here to cut salt even more. See my review of salt-free teriyaki sauces available and how their sodium content compares with low-salt soy: https://nosaltnofatnosugar.com/2013/09/05/salt-free-teriyaki-sauce-a-taste-test-of-three-varieties/



Stir fry is one oif my favourite dishes. I love that it is quick to prepare, fresh, tasty and by slightly adjusting and experimenting with different ingredients, a whole new dish is created! Stir fry’s can be high in salt especially if you use oriental sauces like barbecue sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, hoisin sauce or oyster sauce to flavour the dish. Today, I took my stir fry to my ‘lab’ and created a low sodium, but tasty, full on flavour stir fry! Here is my recipe:

1 T canola oil

2-3 cups vegetables of your choice

2-3cm piece ginger, sliced into thin rounds

1 lemon grass root, rinsed, and chopped into big chunks

2-3 chillies, depending on the flavour intensity you want

2t cumin seeds

2T low sodium soy sauce

1T fish sauce

1tsp tomato paste

1/2 cup water

1 ice cube block pesto of your choice

2-3 stalks…

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