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Roasted Garlic Dressing

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Let’s face it, most of us like creamy dressings to go with our salads, at least every once in a  while. I have lately been hooked on lemongrass-mint white balsamic from Seasons and could eat salad with…

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What Can Someone on a Restricted Diet Eat on Christmas Day?

If you’re on a no-salt, no-sugar, no-fat diet like I am, or if you have other diet restrictions to deal with, what can you make that’s special for yourself on Christmas Day? I wrote yesterday about going back to my … Continue reading

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What Can Someone on a Restricted Diet Eat on Christmas Eve?

When we sit down to that meal, we will have much to be thankful for, including all the new recipes I’ve created since completely changing my diet. I wish you similar success, keep reading and I’ll do my best to keep posting new recipes. Send me yours as well. Continue reading

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Do All Whole-Wheat Pastas Taste Like Paste? No, Try Barilla Plus

I enjoyed it so much, I ate five ounces (dry weight, it grows to about 20 ounces cooked), or 515 calories of it for dinner one night. That meal was rare on my new diet, it actually made me feel full when I was done rather than still hungry. Continue reading

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What Can You Eat on a No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat Diet?

You can hunt down decent foods, it’s a job but it can be done. Continue reading

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Do You Have a Binge Eating Problem?

Call a friend for help is one piece of her advice. Another is to decorate your refrigerator with images that motivate you not to eat. Another is to find substitute treats that don’t involve eating. Continue reading

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Can You Eat At Restaurants When on a Restricted Diet?

That AHA page is a good one for anyone on a restricted diet, not just heart patients, to bookmark. Continue reading

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How Will Having Angioplasty Change What I Eat?

In short, being on a restricted diet has changed virtually all aspects of my life. By starting this blog, I hope some of my experiences can help you handle this type of massive eating change. I am slowly building an entirely new menu of dishes to cook and to eat, so stay tuned for recipes you might enjoy too. Continue reading

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Originally posted on No Bones Toned:
One of the most controversial things in the dieting world is differenciating a healthy snack to a not-so-healthy snack. Everything is labelled and advertized to sell, so they brag: LOW FAT! ONLY 100 CALORIES!…

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10 Tips to Cut Salt

Originally posted on North Denver Nutrition Therapy:
Trying to follow a low sodium diet but not sure where to start?  Don’t have time to cook everything by stratch?  Don’t know which products to choose?  Check out my recent blog post…

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