Roasted Garlic Dressing



Let’s face it, most of us like creamy dressings to go with our salads, at least every once in a  while. I have lately been hooked on lemongrass-mint white balsamic from Seasons and could eat salad with just that on it. Yep, nothing else, no oil, just that. It’s especially good on baby spinach with pomegranate seeds. But I digress, back to the subject: creamy dressings. The problem with salad dressing and especially the creamy kind is the caloric impact they tend to have. So you decided to have a ‘light’ lunch, a salad, but guess what, that commercial dressing you just poured on made it have more calories and in some cases more fat than a burger. So what to do? Your ticket is flavor, the more flavor your dressing has, the smaller the amount you need, plus making it at home allows you to control exactly what goes in…

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One thought on “Roasted Garlic Dressing”

  1. Sounds yummy–and still quite a large amount of olive oil. One of my “go to” dressings is balsamic vinegar whisked together with a nice brown mustard—it gives a ‘creamy’ consistency without oil. If you use a grainy mustard, it can also add some additional texture (and flavor!) You could easily roast garlic in the oven (or quickly saute in dry pan carefully) and use in the dressing too.

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