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Syn Free Pancakes

Originally posted on Healthy and Heavenly Recipes:
So yesterday I was on YouTube and I decided to look up a man from my group who said he has a YouTube page for Slimming World recipes. His name is Simon Slimmer…

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Wheat is not satan… but look out for those sneaky little sugar devils

Originally posted on Cook Up a Story:
This sinister gilded crust was the model for Salvador Dali’s famous painting, “Bread 1926.” Is bread the only villain in today’s battle with obesity? How did this food, which people have enjoyed since…

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Bread on a restricted diet, finding one you like and can eat

I journeyed to Bennison’s Saturday and asked about the bread. An extremely helpful young clerk went in back to ask a baker and emerged about 15 minutes later with the Sepia bread! Continue reading

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Sepia Chicago: a good choice if you’re on a restricted diet

Sepia emphasizes local and seasonal foods, done simply but elegantly and with wonderful flavor. I was able to order a wonderful salmon dish there. Continue reading

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Exercising after angioplasty — yes you can

So recently, I went ahead with plans to walk a 5K with my wife and friends in Milwaukee, the city where I went to undergrad school and so where I still feel most like a teenager, as silly as that might sound. Continue reading

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Tomatoes and cucumbers — two fun summer salads

The vinegar’s sourness can fool your taste buds into thinking they’re having sugar. Continue reading

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Morton’s gave me an anniversary gift — mini fillet mignon treats

It was nice to be sitting in the bar of an upscale steak house feeling like one of the normal people again. So thank you Morton’s. I’ve held a warm spot for you ever since my 23rd birthday when my grad school classmates took me to the original Morton’s in Chicago for a steak dinner. Continue reading

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Costco Shopping — can you find no salt, no fat items at a warehouse?

The point is, shop around, you can find what you need in unexpected places, as I’ve written before. Continue reading

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Angioplasty — one year later

I have tried to live this past year to the very fullest, writing a one-act play I had been talking about writing for years; working with my wife to produce two performance of the play, and subsequently to write the second act as well. Continue reading

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Pan-fried Scallops and Baby Spinach with Spiced Pomegranate Glaze

Originally posted on Life is Short. Eat hard!:
I’m back from DC and still have more restaurants to blog about but I thought I would go back to some home cooking for an entry to keep things varied. As I…

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