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Originally posted on Consumerist:
(Paxton Holley) There are plenty of suitors lined up to impress Hostess Brands right now and convince it that their company can do right by its various divisions after Hostess filed for bankruptcy. It now appears…

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How do you create a new food life after cardio problems?

The last time I had to change what I eat this radically was when I went away to college in 1971. The initial result was much the same. I lost 25 pounds in my first three months of college because pretty much the only dorm food I could stomach was the salad bar and orange sherbet for dessert. This time around I can’t have the sherbet either. Continue reading

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Originally posted on That's Natural!:
By: Tisha Casida Beets are powerhouses of nutrients.  There is no question that you would probably want to consider incorporating beets into your diet.  They have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying properties that are essential…

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My cholesterol numbers were always within normal ranges, yet it still blocked one of my arteries to the point of almost stopping the blood flow to my heart.

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Can you eat healthy at Universal Studios? Not even Harry Potter could help

Unfortunately, there’s no Potter magic when it comes to finding foodsat Universal that are no-salt, no-sugar and no-fat. Place after place we tried to have lunch at served pizza and burgers, both of which I love but neither of which I can eat any longer. Continue reading

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Can you eat healthy at Disney World?

The bottom line is that in four and a half days there, I lost four pounds from the combination of little to eat and all the walking we inevitably did. Disney World surprised me with a healthy option for lunch, one of the best I had on the trip in fact. Universal was a total junk food mecca, as were the places we ate in Orlando itself. Continue reading

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What happens when you have an unexpected meal?

Not being able to get an Angus burger, which is what I would have done before my angioplasty, was very depressing. And to make it even more depressing, some whole wheat toast I asked for came already covered in melted butter. Continue reading

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Why should you use oil and vinegar?

Salad dressings are little food bombs full of bad things — sugar, salt and fat. No one on a restricted diet should be using them. Continue reading

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